Soft Stuff

We are unashamedly geeky about our love of the soft stuff and we know our customers are too – just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean we give them any less love! it’s our job to combine creative forces and get those soft furnishing finishing touches absolutely spot on.

Fabric Accessories

Fabric is a wondrous thing and its versatility means it can be used on more than just curtains and blinds, plus it’s often these little added extras that can bring a look together. We work in exactly the same way with our accessories as we do with our curtains, lots of creative research, Pinterest board inspiration and plenty of fabric samples – just because they’re smaller doesn’t mean we give them any less love!

Cushion Artistry

A sofa just isn’t a sofa without a cushion or two, or perhaps three or four depending on how many your other half will let you get away with! And what about large floor cushions for the kids to lounge about on when their friends come round for movie night, a perfectly padded window seat to snuggle up and read a book on, durable cushions for the outdoor patio chairs in the summer, hey even the dog likes something cosy to cuddle up to of an evening.

Cushions are the ideal way to inject some colour, pattern and sumptuous fabric fun into your decor and ours are all made with plump, feather–filled pads and hidden zips, carrying our quality hand made artistry right through to the finish.

And Beyond

But it’s not just cushions, oh no The Black Pin can do way more than that – headboards, pelmets and upholstery – we do all those things and more. In fact if you want something specific you only have to ask. We’re a friendly pair and love a challenge so tell us what you’re after and we’ll do our utmost to help.

Soft stuff – In a nutshell
  • Trims, zips, buttons, poppers, we can take you to haberdashery heaven.
  • Made-to-measure headboards designed to suit your room, personal style and head!
  • Sometimes things need hiding and a pelmet does a perfect job at keeping things neat and keeping cracks of daylight out. Our friendly fitting team will even do the installation for you.
  • We have access to a talented bunch of upholsterers who can revive those much loved, but tired pieces of furniture that you just can’t bear to get rid of.
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