How we work

At the Black Pin we are all about quality & craftsmanship, here is an insight into the way we work, so you know what to expect.

Curtain Call

You’ve taken the first step and emailed us, or maybe you’ve picked up the telephone, now it’s time for us to listen to what you want.

Curtain Chit Chat

We will come and see you at your home and have a chat about all things fabric and poles. We’ll even bring our trusty tape measure – we know the measuring up bit is a bit scary, so don’t worry we always do it for you!

Sew Now What?

You’ve made your mind up, the fabric’s been ordered and now it’s time for us to set to work creating your ideal curtains or blinds. We believe that only the time-honoured, tried and tested techniques create good quality, durable products. We’re talking mitred corners, curtain weights and hand-stitching – none of this machine manufactured malarkey!

The ‘Ta-Da’ Moment

The moment you’ve all been waiting for… drum roll please… let us introduce you to your newly styled windows.
Everyone loves a grand unveiling and when your curtains or blinds are ready we will personally deliver them to your home where we can either leave them with you to fit and hang yourself, or if you’d prefer we can organise to have them fitted and then lovingly dressed by our own fair hands.

Drawing To A Close

Let’s cut to the chase…what you really want to know is when you’ll get your curtains, right?

In general we work on a 6-week cycle, starting from the point we get our hands on your lovely fabric. However, the length of the whole process is dependent upon how quickly you make decisions and the size of the project.

Ready to roll?

Show your home some love & arrange a free consultation…