Curtains – Open, Shut, repeat

You’ve decorated a room; walls are painted, flooring has been laid, the furniture is in place… but what about the curtains? For many it’s those finishing touches that can really make or break the look and feel of a room and it can be an incredibly daunting task trying to get it just right.

Here’s where the Black Pin can help!

Curtain making has often been thought to fall into two brackets:

The stuffy, old fashioned drapes hand sewn by your well-meaning aunt,
– or-
The manufactured, off the shelf, modern curtains that everybody’s got.

We like to think we’re a mixture of the best of both of these.

There’s something to be said for those traditional techniques and yes we really do make our curtains mostly by hand – it is this that makes our curtains stronger, more durable and in our opinion they look pretty darn fine too.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about modern interiors – we like to think we are old school cool, we but love keeping up with the current trends in fabrics and design.

Curtains – In a nutshell
  • Mood boards, fabric swatches, pattern paste-ups. We’ll work creatively with you until you get that light bulb moment.
  • Know what you want? No problem. Give us a brief and we’ll make the selection process as pain free as possible.
  • Every pair of curtains needs a good support crew and we’ll explain how using the right fixtures and fittings helps create the right impression.
  • No more measuring mishaps – we’ll do it all for you.
  • Personally delivered by the Black Pin team arriving safe and sound ready for the big reveal.
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