The Green Room

Framing the view with a palette of fresh greens

You can’t see the view in our photos but take it from us it’s stunning. With such a rural location there was also a lot of greenery outside but instead of shying away from this dominant colour our client was keen to bring the outside in. Mixing up this bold and vibrant Romo ‘Tulipa’ fabric for the curtains with soft accessories that could be changed to reflect the seasonal shift of colours outside. Meanwhile the chain operated blinds tie in with the scheme but interest and texture were added with the hand-stitched trim.

Now, we’ll hold our hands up here and say we are lovers of the long …… curtains that is. But there are times where half-length is either more suitable or preferred. In this case our client was keen for half-length but the 6 metre wide window with radiator below was an important deciding factor in plumping for a more heat-friendly; half-length option.

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