Cool Calm Lounge

Or child-free refuge?

When asked to make curtains and blinds in this beautiful Romo Saphira we ‘oohhed and ahhed’ at how sophisticated this scheme was. Added to which it was planned for a gorgeously proportioned ‘posh’ lounge – a space where our clients could take their family and friends away from the chaos of family living.

The curtains were to elegantly drape onto the floor and the cushions were made from a luxe Romo velvet – not for the sticky fingered members of the household.

Even though this was to be a more adult space all the blinds were made with the correct child-safety features…which was a good job because when we happened to pop our heads in the other day there was a little person cosily snuggled into the aforementioned velvet cushions watching TV…..nowhere’s safe.

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